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YoutubeGuru Media Group
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YoutubeGuru Media Group – is a team of the strongest producers, marketers and salespeople gathered together with one idea - to conquer the EdTech market worldwide!
Our mission is to create the largest network of Ed-Tech YouTube channels, helping our clients from all over the world to achieve results from programming courses to trading education.

Who are we?

Our expertise:
Building production teams
Marketing funnels
Traffic purchasing from all top advertising channels
Video content promotion strategy
Audio-visual content creation
Social media advertising
Organic growth of both long and short-form content
Building sales funnels to make the client a loyal customer
Promotion of Youtube channels through paid traffic
Contextual advertising + SEO promotion
Increase sales conversions through all layers of packaging
Our Values:
​People are our main asset

We do everything to make our team grow with us, and everyone feels part of one big team. We help them achieve their life goals, that's why we love ambitious people, those who are not afraid to dream and set ambitious goals.

Openness and honesty

We are in favor of openness and honesty, we value these qualities. We gather people who are close to us in spirit, because being on the same wavelength is more expensive than any money. Common mood and common goals unite us and make us invincible!

Career at YoutubeGuru Media Group
Features of working for us

Office in the center of Moscow

Opportunity to work in an office overlooking Sretensky Boulevard in the very center of Moscow, 2 minutes from Chistye Prudy metro station.


We create innovative and demanded products in Ed-Tech and make the most efficient and technological interactions within our company.



At our company, each employee receives a personalized development plan that allows him or her to become the best at what he or she does. We encourage those who are open to development and ready to grow with us.

Быстрый рост
We grow more than 60% per year, so every team member who is guaranteed to grow quickly within the company.

Famous media outlets write about us. Our top management provides expert evaluation in Youtube marketing for VC.ru, RBC, Bloomberg.

6 must-have qualities in our team
/ Truthfulness
To be open, honest to oneself and to others, to have no hidden personal benefits within the team

/ Ambition

To set high standards for oneself, to work on a constant basis on oneself and one's result, to develop, not to sit at the same level of development.

Treat people within the company as you would like them to treat you. Support them in times of need, do not insult them, and do not demean or devalue them.

/ Independence
To be able to solve difficulties on your own, to make decisions based on the company rules, to take responsibility and not to pull the manager on every little thing.


To put the company's interests above one's own. For this, the company will thank you with career growth and money.

/ Humanity

To be able to work with different people. Emotions and moods, which can change, are the last thing to be taken into account.

Our office is located at: 6/1 Sretensky Boulevard, Moscow.
SP Filichev Ilya Vadimovich
PSRNSP 317352500025102
ITN 352706199078
YouTubeGuru Media Group
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